The private lender Target Alert program is intended for lenders who wish to take advantage of an exit strategy with their borrowers with a bad credit record. The TARGET program allows the lender to be predicted from the current credit file of a consumer the necessary period and the actions to be taken to improve his credit file and qualify the customer For a category A or B. TARGET Mortgage product predicts the estimated time for recovery of the consumer from a color code that is based on a traffic light.

Rate: $299 + taxes


This program is for retail businesses that wish to offer a complete consumer credit education program to their client. A complete analysis report of their credit file as well as recommendations to improve their credit situation is given in the form of a personalized manual. Support through our attorney for follow-up and legal steps to take to update or challenge their personal information is also offered. The merchant is paid on the sale of this product to his customers.

Rate: $ 999 + taxes


This expertise service provided to a company a detailed report of its commercial credit report as well as its solvency in order to provide futile recommendations to the improvement of its credit file in general. This service is supported by the work of our lawyer.

Rate: $ 1295 + taxes


This program is for employers who wish to validate the background of a potential candidate before hiring.

Rate: Between $ 60 and $ 299 + taxes


This service of expertise in consumer credit analysis enables a third party, such as a property and casualty insurance company, a government agency or a lawyer's office to assess the credit worthiness and the behavior of an insured or a consumer in the event of a claim, claim or investigation.

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This service is intended for all groups of individuals or companies that have been victims of organized fraud. The CCBU offers his strategy expertise to recover lost money and bring offenders to justice.

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You plan to partner or partner with a third party or business? Would you like to know if this person or company has a dubious past or judicial nature?
We can conduct a summary survey of the person or company and avoid unpleasant surprises.

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