Our trainers

Sylvain Paquette

Mr. Paquette is the author of “The Hidden Face of Credit Bureaus” book published by Éditions du Triangle d'or in 2011. He has participated in several television programs as a credit expert, including JE, LA FACTURE, CANAL ARGENT And LCN.

As a credit review expert, he has taught and trained a large number of professionals in financing, such as mortgage brokers, sales managers and financial planners.

Financial institutions and governmental corporations also participated in training programs offered by Mr. Paquette. In the 2000s, he has been an important factor in the development of the second-chance credit program in the automotive industry field, where he achieved a resounding success.

In 2010 and as UNAK chairman, he was a signatory of the "Millennium Declaration" presented to the United Nations in the support of the cause of indigenous single mothers. He is also the Victims regrouping sponsor in the Nil Lapointe affair, a victims' association for which he was appointed a Bankruptcy Inspector by all creditors. Thanks to his perseverance and commitment, a large class action suit was filed and authorized in October 2012, giving victims the right to recover their lost money. Sylvain Paquette is also very socially involved in supporting all the causes for which his sense of justice towards the most deprived is challenged.

"You must be the change you want to see in this world," says Gandhi. That is why I work in my daily life to improve myself and improve society. For me, every person who deals with us must have an enriching and memorable experience.


Pierre Therrien

Pierre Therrien made a career with the Montreal police for nearly 32 years. He has worked primarily in the Investigations Department and has retired with the rank of Lieutenant-Detective. He holds a university degree in management and administration.

At the Nicolet Police Institute, as a chief instructor, he participated in the training of new police officers as well as provided training courses for officers seeking advancement.