Serve - Justice - Truth

CCBU's vision

The Canadian Credit Bureau is an important player in education, prevention, analysis, investigation and expertise in both consumer credit and fraud and identity theft.

Commitment charter

It is based on three commitments, which form the pillars of the Canadian Credit Bureau's "Engagement Charter" to its various social partners. Such a charter is fundamental to the strategic and operational decisions of the organization. We are committed to aligning our arbitrations and decisions, actions and actions at all times with our Charter of Values and Principles in accordance with our mission and vision.

CCBU's mission

The mission of the Canadian Credit Bureau is to promote education and healthy use of consumer credit. He wants to be an important partner in prevention and assistance to both consumers and businesses in the area of fraud and the protection of personal information.

Our commitments

Commitments to our

We are committed to building the satisfaction and surpassing the needs and expectations of our clients in each of our actions as well as in our action plans and resource allocation.

We are also committed to anticipating such needs and expectations in order to make it the
basis of our long-term development plans.

Commitments to our internal

For our team of internal partners, we pledge to remain a proactive and dynamic community, friendly and caring, open and hospitable, sought after for the excellence of its culture and that of his vision.

Commitments to our external

We commit to remain an organization connected with other organizations and organizations because of their support and/or the proximity of their vocations, goals and objectives with ours.

We also commit ourselves to remain an ethical and citizen organization, promoter of equal opportunities and a democratic and equitable access to the fundamental rights of our clientele.


We believe that fair and responsible use of consumer credit is the key to a balanced society for the financial development of everyone.

We also believe that the legitimacy and sustainability of the Canadian credit Bureau is through the satisfaction and surpassing of its clients' expectations and that the development of a culture of excellence at all levels of the organization remains the only strategy to achieve this.